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FG Funnels Review: The Ultimate All in One?

FG Funnels
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Ever find yourself juggling a dozen digital tools, wishing for a magic wand to simplify your marketing mayhem? Enter FG Funnels, the all-in-one solution that’s turning heads in the digital world.

Picture this: funnel building, email marketing, and CRM, all wrapped up in one sleek package. Intrigued? Let’s dive deeper!

What Do You Get with FG Funnels?

  1. All-in-One Mastery: Imagine a world where your tools talk to each other, and your marketing strategy sings from the same hymn sheet. FG Funnels is not just a tool; it’s your digital marketing concierge, catering to your every whim.
  2. Drag & Drop Sales Funnel Creation: I can create unlimited sales funnels with forms (including 2-step), payments, order bumps, upsells, etc., with an easy drag and drop interface. I have been inside several sales funnel builders and FG Funnels builder reminds me of the builder that you would find in Clickfunnels or the Elementor page builder. So if you are familiar with those two, then you would already be familiar with the FG Funnels builder.
  3. Websites and Blogs: At no additional charge to your monthly subscription, you have the ability to create as many websites are you want! Perfect if you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur like me.
  4. CRM: I can communicate with any of my contacts through email, Facebook Messenger or even text message. I can chat back and forth, add conversation tags or move them through a pipeline.
  5. Email Marketing: Dress your messages in brand attire or keep it casual with plain text – the choice is yours, and the options are endless. But the real magic? Custom values. Like a skilled craftsman, FG Funnels weaves personal touches into your emails, ensuring that every communication feels like a heart-to-heart, even when you’re speaking to the masses. Each email is a chameleon, adapting its colors to mirror the unique shades of your users or customers.
  6. Workflow Automations: Set it and forget it. Automations are the secret sauce of savvy marketers. With FG Funnels, I can create simple or complex automations that will save me tons of time in the long run! If you are intimidated by creating automations for your business, reach out to me and we can chat about which automations would be best to set up for your business.
  7. Social Media Scheduling: Like many, I figured that I’d need to invest in a premium subscription for a social media scheduling too like Hootsuite (which is pretty pricy!), but to my surprise, FG Funnels had everything I needed without restrictions! I can schedule my social media marketing activities several months in advance, and FG Funnels takes care of the automatic posting seamlessly.
  8. Speaking of Scheduling: I have a sleek appointment scheduler that allows me to create free or paid appointments. Clients can schedule or reschedule on autopilot. I can also create round robin team calendars!
  9. Course Creation: I can create the actual course, bundling offers, set prices and more, everything you need to publish and sell a course happens inside FG Funnels. The process is so simple, and the courses look great. The course section reminds me a lot of the inside of Kajabi, except it is laid out in a more intuitive way, IMO.
  10. Data-Driven Decisions: If data is the new oil, FG Funnels is your refinery. Extract, analyze, and act on insights that keep you miles ahead of the competition.

FG Funnels Vs. ClickFunnels:

FG Funnels and ClickFunnels might seem like digital doppelgängers at first glance. But delve a bit deeper, and you’ll discover a plot twist. The masterminds behind FG Funnels, once navigators of the ClickFunnels universe, encountered obstacles and, in a stroke of genius, birthed FG Funnels – a brainchild born from necessity and a sprinkle of innovation.

Navigating through both platforms reveals a treasure trove of features: a smorgasbord of products, insightful testing tools, and analytics sharp enough to slice through data fog. Yet, when the curtain falls on the pricing stage, FG Funnels often emerges as the budget-friendly encore to ClickFunnels’ main act.

FG Funnels Vs. Kajabi:

Peering into the virtual classroom of FG Funnels and Kajabi, you might feel a sense of déjà vu. They mirror each other with striking similarity – progress bars that keep track like a hawk, cozy nooks for videos, welcoming text spaces, and file repositories. If Kajabi’s course creator is your cup of tea, FG Funnels serves the same brew, perhaps with an extra hint of spice. Not only can you curate courses, but also play the role of an academic ninja, tracking your students’ journey and celebrating their test score triumphs.

But wait, there’s more to this tale! While Kajabi juggles quite a few hats, FG Funnels brings to the table its own set of party tricks – think scheduling tools that make Acuity or Calendly seem like a distant memory, and email marketing prowess that could make MailChimp tip its hat. And the cherry on top? Automation that dances gracefully across your entire digital landscape, not just within the confines of course creation.

All without the Kajabi limits and price!

FG Funnels Vs Shopify:

The introduction of an e-commerce cart feature in FG Funnels is an exciting development, especially when compared to a powerhouse like Shopify, which is renowned for its e-commerce capabilities.

In the bustling bazaar of online shopping, FG Funnels has rolled out its newest stall: the e-commerce cart feature. It’s like FG Funnels decided to put on its shopping shoes and step into the grand mall of digital commerce.

FG Funnels’ e-commerce cart feature is the new is a sprightly contender. Dancing into the ring with gusto and flair. Because it is new, it has some limitations. The digital marketplace is vast, – the choice, as always, is in the hands of the discerning shopkeeper… or should we say, the digital entrepreneur!

But Wait, There’s a Plot Twist:

  1. The Learning Climb: Brace yourself – the view is great, but the climb can be steep. FG Funnels packs a punch, and mastering its might takes might.
  2. Investment or Expense? Quality doesn’t come cheap. FG Funnels is an investment in your business’s future, but make sure it aligns with your wallet’s present.
  3. Compatibility Conundrums: While FG Funnels plays well with many, it’s not a universal playmate. Ensure your existing tools don’t get jealous before inviting FG Funnels to the party.

Every con is a pro in disguise. The learning curve? A journey to mastery. The price? An investment in your business’s scalability. Compatibility concerns? An opportunity to streamline your stack.

FG Funnels isn’t just a tool; it’s your digital transformation waiting to happen. It’s not about if you’ll embrace it, but when. So, why wait? Unleash the full potential of your digital marketing today, and let FG Funnels be the catalyst of your business’s renaissance.

Ready to revolutionize your digital marketing? Dip your toes into the future with FG Funnels – Get Your Free Trial Now!

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