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Want to know how some Creative entrepreneurs are wildly successful while others are stuck in a soul sucking 9 to 5?

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Smart Creatives know they need to leverage modern digital marketing & Branding techniques.

They know how to set up powerful and profitable offers with their online businesses.

They take control of their business and create their own path by learning and doing instead of relying on someone  to “discover” them.  

But that’s not all. 

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I would highly recommend her for your upcoming tech or marketing projects!

Kristi was integral to our membership migration. She was quick to respond, worked hard through the entire migration, and without her help, we would have been days and days away from getting it completed in time. If you need someone to help you with anything ….be it funnels or members areas, spreadsheets, imports… she handled it with great attention to detail, efficiency, and focus. I would highly recommend her for your upcoming tech or marketing projects!

Julie Stoian

Funnel Gorgeous, Co-owner

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You're showing me a very clear path and a way that things can be done.

There is a nice balance with the coaching versus the consulting. And I was actually really impressed that you gave me the space to talk and you’re very good about pausing and letting me work through an idea, but in the same respect, you have a lot of expertise. 

LeeAnne Brenner

Creator, 100 Epic Days

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