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Idea to Done

Taking Entrepreneur’s dreams & ideas, and with the next right step for your business and audience, turning them into action. 

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You need to market your business but...

There are a lot of moving parts...

Ideal Audience

Who are you talking to? Who are you solving a problem for?

Email List

Why is an email list important and what should you say to your subscribers? What do I send out to my audience?

Social Media

People research and buy from other people and businesses on social Media. Which platform should you focus on?


How can you keep your website from turning into a brick wall?

Offers & Sales Funnels

What should you offer and how do you put it all together?

With all the options that there are these days...

Which way do you go?

Most Creative Entrepreneurs...

Resort to the "spray and Pray" method

"I have posted to social media everyday but it ends up being the same content and I don't get many views or likes." If you are not strategic with your messaging, you will waste time and money and yield little to no results.

jump to the conclusion that

Just because no one is buying your thing that your idea is crap and you want to quit the whole idea and business. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES DO NOT SELL THEMSELVES. Period. "If you build it, they will come" is the biggest lie ever told to business owners.

But i've done this and that and...

Nothing has worked. Or you had a family member or friend do this and that for you and nothing happened. Digital Marketing and everything that encompasses it is all about strategy and testing. You HAVE TO market your business in order to get eyeballs on your product or service. You have to know how to measure your traffic, what it means, and where it can be improved. People today make most of their purchases online. If you want people to purchase your product you need to have an online presence.

Let's solve the above problems and...

Get you on the right track

What if you could invest in a person that offered everything you need to get more exposure, grow your business, and make more money?

get you attainable goals and results

So that you can stop feeling like you are spinning your wheels, get money in your pocket and momentum so that you can quit the 9-5 that you hate.

Get you measurable growth

In terms of traffic, subscribers, and customers/clients, which provides a sense of hope and confidence in your future as an entrepreneur.

We look at the whole picture...

Most business and marketing coaches feed you the newest strategy like it is the best thing since sliced bread. These strategies sometimes work but often don’t because there is usually something missing. 

I take look at your whole business: your brand, audience, offers and stats. What’s working and what isn’t. Where are there leaks? What can be improved and what can be automated? 

Sound good? Let’s go!

Hi, I'm Kristi

With a constantly ever-growing list of tasks, it can be difficult to find time to manage the ‘business’ side of your online business. When you find the time, you have to decide what is next. 

 With all the possible options, what is the next right step? Where to start? 

Here is the secret: It’s not ‘how’, it’s ‘who’. 

Successful entrepreneurs know that they can’t do it all themselves. They need someone to help reign them in and keep them on track.  To take a look at the big picture and map out the next move. That’s where I come in. 

I help entrepreneurs take all their ideas to the next level by implementing what needs done right away, what their audience is expecting from them, and what can be put on the back burner for the future. 

Together, we take all of your valuable products, thoughts, ideas and offerings that are left languishing on your laptop and get them out into your market. So that you can make a bigger impact, connect and re-connect with your clients and the people in your life, and have more freedom to do what is most important to you. 

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What People Are Saying About Kristi

“I would highly recommend her for your upcoming tech or marketing projects!”

“Kristi was integral to our membership migration. She was quick to respond, worked hard through the entire migration, and without her help, we would have been days and days away from getting it completed in time. If you need someone to help you with anything ….be it funnels or members areas, spreadsheets, imports… she handled it with great attention to detail, efficiency, and focus. I would highly recommend her for your upcoming tech or marketing projects!”

Julie Stoian

Co-Creator, Funnel Gorgeous

“I know there’s a lot of funnel builders out there, but not a lot of people that actually know what they’re doing and know the different steps you take to make it highly converting. If you are looking for someone to take your next project and make a funnel for you, I defiantly recommend Kristi Kieffer”

Michelle Rubi

Fairytale Experiences

“She went from nothing and created a beautiful website with just the right look and feel for me.”

“Can’t praise and thank Kristi enough. Any suggestion for change came with ease. It was a relief to let someone else create a website, that I have been stressing over for more than a year. More than patience and understanding that I was working with clients and took forever to get back to Kristi as she created the website. Thank you! If your looking for someone to listen to what you want, and need than Kristi is the one for you!”

Sylvia Henhefer

Let's Build Your Tomorrow, Today!

Don’t let your business stay stuck in the slow lane. Get ahead of your competitors by claiming your digital flag! We will help you stake your claim step by step. 

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