Why FG Funnels is the ultimate All in one solution


Having an online business means that software subscriptions are inevitable and can add up quickly. You can easily spend $2,000 or more a month if you subscribe to separate software for everything that FG funnels can do for your business. And don’t even get me started on how companies nickel and dime you for every little thing *I’m looking at you hosting companies that charge for extra space or bandwidth*. At the time of this writing, FG funnels is currently unlimited everything. Read that again. Unlimited. Everything. Who does that? No one.

Here’s a list of just some of the things FG Funnels can do:

  • Build funnels + websites
  • Send emails
  • Send text messages
  • In-page Chat Widget
  • Contact people through FB Messenger™
  • Send voicemails
  • Call people
  • Create advanced triggers and automations based on what users do on your pages and with your messages
  • Has a calendar scheduler
  • Gets reviews from your customers
  • Has a fully built out membership area with native video hosting included
  • Creates sales pipelines
  • Has sub-users
  • Has task functionality built in so when a customer does a certain action, it assigns a task to one of your sub-users.
  • HTML-Formatted Designed Email Newsletter Builder (Just Released!!)
  • Pay plan limiter on pay plans (Just Released!!)
  • Blog (Just Released!!)
  • Social Planner (goodbye expensive post planner)

Everything in One Place

How much online software are you subscribed to right now? Five? Ten? Twenty?

Go ahead and count them, I’ll wait.

As an entrepreneur with an online business, there are a lot of different programs and software that kinda come with the territory.

Hosting for a website, or software for a website with a monthly cost (like Squarespace)$

This software for course content $$

That software to house video content $$$

This software for sales funnels $$$

That software for appointment scheduling $$

This software for an email service provider $$$

That software for membership content $$$

This software to automate it all $

That software to keep track of all the automations and software $$

All that software adds up to be a lot of money. QUICK!

Before you know it, you lose track of WHAT you are subscribed to and end up bleeding money.

A client of mine recently, We’ll call her Sally, had this problem. Sally brought me into her team after her VA decided to leave. She was subscribed to so many software and programs that she had no idea what was being paid for and why she was subscribed to it.

Can you imagine?

So, we went over her offers first and decided what programs she definitely needed to run them. Then, we took an inventory of the software that she was subscribed to and determined whether she really needed them. I simplified her workload and saved her a ton of money.

Most people would rather have everything they need in one place. It makes it easier to keep track of everything. Have all of your stuff in one place and save a ton of money? Yes, please!


Let’s talk about the one thing that MOST companies aren’t talking about – Ethics. The creators of Funnels Gorgeous and FG funnels platform are super transparent when it comes to ethics and their work on inclusion in their business and in what they release.

“In our attempt to change the industry and create a customer base that would no longer be happy with the status-quo, scammy Internet Marketing scene, we had a realization.”

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