Do Artists need a Sales funnel to be successful?


I hear so-called gurus shouting this at unknowing creative entrepreneurs frequently. 

The truth is, most businesses DO need a funnel.

Funnels are not new, they have just evolved into a digital process. Getting started is as simple as collecting email addresses. This is called an “opt – in” funnel — simple, see?

Do you need software? Nope.

All the software does is make the process EASIER.

Is having a funnel the answer to all your sales problems? Nope.

A successful business almost always relies upon one thing: knowing the right move at the right time.

Setting up a sturdy foundation for your business, to be able to catapult from – is the first step. Why waste time and energy trying to “figure it out” when there is a very clear path that helps you get from A to B?

For the past fifteen years I’ve been helping clients clear up the confusion so they can build a solid foundation and successfully achieve their dreams. If you are a creative and you want your work to sell out, without feeling like a sellout, reach out to me for a complimentary 1:1 call.